Keith Dorson

Keith Dorson

LPL Registered Principal & Investment Advisor Representative

Keith Dorson brings 25 years of experience to his firm, Wise World Investment Planning. He has experience with stocks, bonds (Corporate, Federal & State, and Municipal), mutual funds, CDs, REITs, and a wide range of investment ideas, products and services. Areas of specialty include: Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Risk Management and Investment Planning.  Part of what Keith focuses on with his clients is the entire financial picture working alongside legal and tax advisors.

Keith offers over ten years of experience in management communications.  Through research and extended studies, he has sought to develop new ways to improve the working environment by creating healthier communication processes and practices. 

He holds his Master of Business Administration, from the University of Phoenix and is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University with a major in Specialized Communication and a minor in Management and Human Resources. 

Keith’s work experience spans over health care, financial services and aerospace industries and he has consulted in the areas of team-building, time management, communications, organizational development and change management.

Keith spends his free time with his adored wife Kathleen, traveling whenever possible and experiencing the world.

He is also learning to fly his own helicopter, enjoying the process and scouting wild horses from the air as he travels over the salt river.

He also loves playing team games and interacting with new friends from around the world online.