The Spirit of Giving

December 04, 2019

With the season of happiness (now) and in the spirit of giving, you could give yourself a truly meaningful gift; the gift of more life and meaning. Beginning today, you can add months, years, and maybe even a decade or more to the meaning of life on your time horizon.


Glad you asked. In the spirit of giving, you shall receive.

I am blessed to do truly meaningful planning daily with several types of wonderful humans: from the ‘comfortable’ to the ‘willing to learn’ to the ‘I should have done this 10 years ago’ (Compounding counts!).

In the planning process, better questions are the key. Here is just one - When are you going to die? Yes, I asked an unanswerable question, but the funny thing is that I get a lot of answers. Humans seem to know when they will die. May seem a little strange at first, but please hear me out. They know and have an age in mind when I ask because they know about their parents and/or grandparents. They consider their current health and history and they come up with their best estimate.

The sad news in this case, is what the mind conceives it can achieve. Without realizing it, they are programming their very own super computer (their mind) to die within approximately three years of their very own estimate. Wild I know, but see who you know and check your facts and data.

What exactly would you do with another decade of amazing life energy units (a.k.a. hours)? Write your book? Learn another super hero power? I enjoy speed reading and anything aviation related. You can learn how to speed read as well and I would love to teach you how! Call me for another gift. You now have the time. Learn to fly! Even learning to fly solo is such a blast.

Ask yourself this one simple question, “If I reset my mind and upgrade my thoughts to live 10 - 15 years longer, what exactly do I now want to do that was not in my life plan before?”

Do yourself a favor, in the spirit of giving, give yourself another 10 – 15 years of powerful, fulfilling life. Update your software. Update your thoughts in this important area.

I hope you truly enjoy the gift of another decade of life energy units. You got this and we can help in the planning process when you desire.

Don’t be a stranger.

Keith R. Dorson